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Your Get Up And Go: The Speech I Was Going to Give

Updated: May 30, 2018

I was honored to be chosen by board members of CLIMB Wyoming to speak this week. Due to an unforeseen illness I could not be in attendance that Wednesday.

CLIMB is an organization dedicated to empowering and supporting single mothers so that they can one day support themselves and their families.  A board member asked me to give a speech about overcoming. This is the speech I would have shared . . .


I wish I knew each and every person in this room, but I don't know you or your story, and it is our stories that shape us, bring us together here today.

Some of our stories are filled with heartbreak and disappointment. They leave us feeling fearful for what is to come next. How will I pay this? Will they hire me? Does he love me? Are the kids alright? We know that we don't hold the answers, yet we get up every day and do our best. You have already taken hold of your life and your fate. You have joined this amazing organization to change your lives and your children's lives. You have done a wonderful thing. Now how do you build on that? How do you keep going?

The answer: you do what you can everyday, do what you can. If you can get up and brush your hair, wash your face, and get the kids off to school on time, take a minute and honor those successes, because they are successes.

Then, in addition to doing all the little things, force yourself to do one thing that will change your life for the better, that will move you forward. It could be having coffee with a friend who has a lead on a job. It could be sitting down with your boss and letting him or her know that you would like more responsibilities so that you can have more opportunities. That quote, "Do something every day that scares you." That is what that means for us, challenge ourselves to reach up for something better because even if you don't feel you deserve it, even if you are scared they will say no, you must try you must keep reaching.

People who have never really struggled will think what I am saying is silly or aiming too low. Rubbish. You cannot just run 100 miles. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the distance for the journey.

So, just as runners train, so we must train if we are to overcome the hurdles we face. From getting up early for the jogs, to eating right, to paying attention to the inevitable aches and pains and seeking trainers and doctors when needed.  You are all super moms and super businesswomen training. You might need help before you leap tall buildings or close your first real estate deal. That is okay! It is okay to admit when you need help, to ask for that help, and to grow from that help.