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The Importance of Facebook for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The past ten years have seen the rise and fall of many different social network platforms. However, social media is here to stay. In April 2019, PEW Research released its annual social media platform usage report. Facebook is used by 69% of US adults. The next most used platform is Instagram with 37% of US adults using the platform. Interestingly, Facebook owns and has integrated Instagram.

Facebook is the marketing tool for now. Because so many adults are using Facebook and Instagram, Facebook is one of the most likely ways to connect with a customer.

How can businesses best utilize Facebook to connect with customers?

(1) Paid advertising is the best way to connect your product or service with potential and existing customers using Facebook. Over the last three years, Facebook has worked hard to keep users by increasing the number of posts users see from friends and family. Conversely, they have reduced the number of organic posts from business pages. Even if you have people following you, liking your page, those people are less likely than ever before to see your posts.

As a result, we recommend businesses focus their time and money on boosting a few key posts or creating ads in Business Manager rather than trying to increase page likes and followers. If you want an easy, fast way to leverage the popularity of Facebook to grow your business, paid advertising is your best bet.

(2) Keep your business information relevant and timely. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, aggregate information about companies from across different platforms. If your hours are wrong on Facebook, that information could end up posted in other places. Facebook Business pages will show up in search engine results. Clients and customers use Facebook to ask questions or make inquiries of businesses. If you have a business page, check it regularly and keep your information up to date.

(3) If you are going to play the organic Facebook game. Facebook ranks your business as more relevant and useful when the business page interacts with followers, commenters, and people messaging the business. Maintain a good response rate to messages, liking comments, and starting conversations centered on your posts. These strategies help your business page’s organic content show up more frequently in your followers feed. Facebook believes engagement and interaction is the key to the platform maintaining a healthy user base and wants to see that supported.

In short, Facebook is extremely important marketing tool in today’s world. Understanding all the nuances of Facebook marketing isn’t required but will create better results.