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Summer Is Coming

Now more than ever, you must have a proper web presence so customers can find you. The majority of travelers to Jackson Hole are using websites like and TripAdvisor to plan their vacations. Before visitors ever cross the Teton County line, they are researching what to do when on their vacations and trips.  What does this mean for you the busy owner?  Be present online. What? How? - Engage with Trip Advisor- Have a basic website that is current.- Share, share, share

Engage with Trip Advisor

First, what is TripAdvisor? Well it is kind of like Yelp! (What is Yelp!?!!!) These are sites that provide people with recommendations on restaurants, hotels, spas, ski resorts, fly fishing guides, and retail shops. Users go to the website and leave feedback about all these places, and people use TripAdvisor to help decide where to go, where to stay, and what to do. Take a look at the site, and search something pertaining to your business. Some of your competitors are on there. You might be on there and not even know it.  Today it is TripAdvisor, tomorrow it might be another website. Be sure to check in with your clients and visitors to find out how they are finding out about you. 

Get Your Website Current

People on vacation have little time to make decisions about where to go once they arrive. Take a look around: folks of all ages are on their smartphones and wireless devices. They are googling and searching for their next event, their next adventure. If it is July and your website is talking about Christmas shop hours, or looks like it hasn't been touched in several years, that is a negative for potential visitors. Moreover, if they find your shop while walking around town or bumping into a helpful fishing guide or concierge, they may not be ready to buy your product or service.  Your website is a great way to connect once they are back in Tulsa, Miami Beach, Galveston and so on. As a Business Developer for Hines Goldsmiths on the Town Square, I can tell you we get hundreds of calls from summer visitors who visit our website to grab that great gift idea they saw in the shop months before. 

Share, Share, Share

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp!, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIN, what is a busy owner to do with? Just look at all these options, and be calm. Just choose one. All these potential venues for sharing?  Start small. Pick one social media platform and stick to it.  For travelers searching, a consist poster/ sharer is just as important as having an updated website. The Town of Jackson, the Chamber of Commerce, and several other groups and organizations are dedicated to helping get the word out about your business. A couple of helpful tips: if your business is visual, use platforms that allow lots of picture to share your beautiful products or the beautiful scenery of your location. Think about what your customers use in terms of social media.  Without question, summer (late May through early October) is the busiest time of the year in Jackson. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will come through to see the sights and visit the National Parks and National Forests surrounding our town. 

Finally, don't spend a whole bunch of money on this task. It can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively.

Originally posted February 15, 2016