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Is Perfection Holding You Back

If you are waiting for the right person, the right time, the right look to start your next step, it is very likely the right person, the right time, and the right look just passed you by.

Now, we're not saying you should run half-prepped from here to there. But, through years of leadership training and coaching we found most people do not really know their capabilities. We hear, "Well, I would do that but I need to go back to school," or, "Yeah, but there are so many other people more qualified than me." There is always someone more qualified than you, and you can always stand to learn something else. But, if you spend your whole life getting ready to do something, that is just what your life will be, waiting for that perfect moment. 

WE LOVE Lean Startup Methodology and Think And Grow Rich because both of these books, and their writers (Eric Ries and Napolean Hill respectively), challenge us to go out there are start testing our assumptions. To go out and try, and fail, and try again with the knowledge our failure provided. 

We're discussing this on a business blog because you need to get out there are start doing. You don't need a million dollars for your idea. Rig up something basic and see if it will work, see if it serves the need or solves the problem. Go apply for the job, push for the sale to your client. 

TRY. Take a chance, take a risk not to be perfect but to do something. Instead of waiting for perfection, move forward with something when you are 70% sure, and then 50% sure, and then just 30% sure.

We push people to jump with less than 100% confidence and preparation. We push because there is nothing sort of doing to test assumptions in business. If we never ask then we will never.

Get out there and start!