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How Jackson, WY Businesses Could Use Social Media

Updated: May 30, 2018

If you are running a business in Jackson you likely depend heavily on the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come to town.  Attracting tourism business is an art form.

The social media resources I recommend below are some of the more popular resources visitors consult before and during their trips to Jackson.

Websites, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


It is so important you have an up-to-date website that provides relevant information about your business. If you have a feature on your website that requires regular updates, you have to provide those updates. So, if your website has river flows, or weather reports, or schedules, and they haven’t been updated since last season... Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Trip Advisor

If you are a hotel, a restaurant, provide tours, or sell souvenirs, people want to know about you before they even get to Jackson. They have a limited amount of time to eat, shop, and experience the parks and forests.

So they plan their activities weeks and months in advance. Buying ski lift tickets, booking hotels, whitewater rafting, and so on.

More and more travelers are using travel review websites to get a feel for where they are going before they go. In Jackson, you have to be present on Trip Advisor, this will help you gain those additional sales that take your cash flow from good to great and make the offseason easier to bear.

Make your company available on TripAdvisor, make it easy to link from TripAdvisor to your website, and make sure you website is up-to-date (see note one).

Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter

People use social media to talk to friends and family. Being on social media platforms people talk about your business and share their experience with others. It is important to know where your target audience is on social media. There are a lot social media platforms available. Ask your customers which social media tools they prefer to use and select one or two to focus on. You could be everywhere, but you do not have time to be everywhere. Social media pays when you use it regularly.

Originally Published June 4, 2015