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We're still here for you. . . and we're putting in the work.

Updated: Mar 4

Hello World!

This note is from Frederick Mountain Group President, Jennifer Ford. I know you have been receiving a lot of emails from Presidents of various this and thats . . . this is not that kind of email.

We have been monitoring the new regulations for employers and funding options while your business is under state or federal "stay at home" or quarantine orders. We are going to give you the skinny on the "goings-on."

Employment Law Stuff

As businesses start to think about reopening, know the new Family Medical Leave Act Guidelines that now apply to businesses that have 500 employees OR LESS ( it used to be 50 employees or more). Here is a link to a overview document we have created.

You should be checking with your payroll provider to make sure that you are correctly classifying hours under the new rules.

Staying Alive Stuff - i.e. Funding Your Business

We know watching the news is a straight bummer right now, and probably messing with our collective well-being. So, we have been reading legislation and reading the news so you do not have to. The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has been refreshed. The Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) has not. HOWEVER, if you have applied for a EIDL and have not heard from the SBA, you are still in the running. We have advised all clients that applied before the funding ran out that you should be on the lookout for updates. The SBA is processing a loan volume that would take 14 years under normal conditions. Keep calling and keep checking. Here is a link to a overview document we have created for emergency funding.

I am honored to support recovery efforts in Wyoming as a member of Governor Gordon's COVID-19 Business and Financial Sector Task Force. Through that group, I have participated in developing a number of resources for Wyoming small business owners. Thank you to Sinead King, owner of HandleIT, for jumping into the fray to provide Accounting for Business Owners for FREE to over 40 businesses around Wyoming.

Stay tuned for the latest webinars and classes.

Many thanks to the Wyoming SBDC, the Wyoming Business Council, Wyoming Main Street, Wyoming Economic Development Association, and the Wyoming State Chambers of Commerce for being collaborative and decisive!

Our active clients have been hearing a lot from me as we monitor developments at the federal level. We are also currently monitoring reopening guidelines in Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, California, New York, and Wyoming for our active clients.

Finally, our free consultation policy is still in effect (and always will be). If you are not a client and would like help navigating the COVID-19 business landscape, please reach out.

Hang in there.

We know some of you are dealing with the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19, others have been ill due to COVID-19, all of us have been affected by COVID-19 quarantine protocols.

We are still here and still working hard every day to make your business a success.

Good luck and godspeed.

Jenn Ford