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Feet on the Street is not a Business Plan

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

It is one of Jenn's favorite sayings, "Feet on the street is not a business plan." Why? The days of 'location, location, location' being make or break for businesses is behind us. Does location matter, sometimes and in some industries it matters a little. However, online shopping and booking means that people can browse, learn, compare, and buy without ever leaving their homes or offices. For retailers, it seems like that will be the "death" of brick and mortar operations.


For new businesses, for businesses in remote areas, and even for businesses on the corner of the busiest street in town, the internet is a tool that can be harnessed to help businesses grow. The way we as shoppers and consumers interact with brands and products has changed. We can look at customer reviews in real-time, we can compare prices for the same products at different locals. We have price and quality transparency. If your business does not have your products and services online, customers might skip you entirely, even if they walk past your door. Your competitors are using search engine marketing (think Google Ads), social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram Ads), and email marketing to get your customers attention before they even get in their cars. If they are walking past your shop, they might be walking to your competitor who has already enticed them with an offer.

Find your customers where they are right now by using website tools, social media, and paid online advertising. Reach across the internet to connect your products and services to your customers.