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Doubting Doubt

Updated: May 30, 2018

Working toward what you want can put you on a daily rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions. "Are we making progress?", "Am I doing this right?", "Will we make it?"

What do we do when doubt comes knocking; when fear speaks?

We have to sit with it, we have to look it in the eye and ask, "What is true about what you say?" In the last few articles, I encouraged you all to specifically define what success is for you, for your business, is because doubt and uncertainty can cloud your view.

When you ask your doubts "Is it true?," you answers come from your plans and definitions for what you want. So breakdown those doubt-filled questions that plague you. Ask yourself:

- When did you say you would have achieved this milestone? - How profitable were you supposed to be? - How many hours did you commit to working on this goal?

As an example, your plan might have been to be profitable ($40k or more) in two years. Currently you are 13 months in. If you are concerned about hitting the goal, your answer is to discover if you are on track.  If not, what you can do to increase profits? If you can develop a strategy and put in the work, yes you can make it.

Questioning doubt helps us take the guessing out of success and gives us actionable tools to get us where we want to be. Doubt and fear can be a great tool when greeted properly and seen for what they are. Use those nagging questions to review your plan and keep yourself on track toward your goals.

Originally published November 29, 2015