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Catch Up With FMG

It’s been a summer of new beginnings at Frederick Mountain Group!  With a new office, a new team member, and a new website, we are pleased to report a busy and promising summer season!  

What is FMG?

Put simply, FMG is the difference between a good idea and a successful project or initiative. Our process starts with (1) identifying your goals for your organization, (2) prioritizing what thing or things to do next to move your business forward quickly, and (3) implementation tools to make change happen in your organization.

Read about our recent work with happy clients. 

What's new?

With added firepower in our shiny new space, FMG is ready to help you and your business define your goals and blast you toward success!  If you’d like to learn about how FMG could help, please reach out and we’d be thrilled to have a conversation.

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FMG is pleased to introduce Will Stabler to our growing team! Will joins FMG with experience in Jackson Hole-based non-profits and public policy advocacy groups in Washington, D.C.  With a B.A. in International Relations and Economics from Colgate University, he brings a broad set of skills for our clients.

We’ve also completed a rebrand and developed a new website and new logo that we encourage you to check out at

In December 2017, we moved into our first office space since our time in Austin, TX. We are located at 85 West Snow King Ave (the corner of Snow King Ave and Glenwood) in Jackson, WY, just steps from our beloved town ski hill, Snow King Mountain.