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Big Bang Theory

Updated: May 30, 2018

The path from an idea to a business that works.

Break It On Down

Break down your big idea into delivering one service, one product to one customer.

What does it take to do this once, what pieces do you need to complete delivery of your product or service?

Let’s say your goal is to sell a product you make. Let’s say the product is ethically sourced ski pants.


Now, don’t think about the empire you will one day have, think about making and selling one pair of ski pants.

How would you do it if you had to do in the next 48 hours for a customer?

Maybe you would . . .

Congratulations, you are in business!

This process is how you go from big idea, to having a business. Just start simple. No you do not need a logo first. You need to understand how to . . . do . . . your business. Where are you going to get your stuff from, how long will it take, how much will it cost? What do you do with the stuff in order to make it customer ready?

The process is best known to me as Minimum Viable Product and it is a terms and theory I picked up from LeanStartup and Eric Ries.

Start with something small to determine if your idea can work.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers. Good. But, you need tangibles to make a business go. Don’t waste years and resources you don’t have on a idea that won’t work, or an idea that needs to be adjusted to work. Figure out your business process and if there is a customer at the end of all that hard work then worry about fonts and logos and where you are going to setup your super cool office.