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How we helped a new private pediatrics practice grow during a pandemic 

The practice had been open for about 6 months and was only seeing 5-7 patients per week. 


Using our 360 Degree Marketing Process, we were able to support the practice immediately. We successfully grew the practice with well-patient visits despite the COVID-19 outbreak and shut-downs.

With an average monthly investment of $1400 the practice now sees and average of 

5 New Patients Per Day


 Step 1: Identifying the challenge (opportunities) 
New Practice
Low Patient Volume
Losing Money
COVID-19 Outbreak
Economic Shutdown 
 Step 2: implementation-
             The FMG strategy  

Starting a new practice is hard, especially during a pandemic. While most new practices would have given up, this practice was able to grow because of consistent messaging across platforms. COVID-19 did not stop medical needs and we were committed to helping the practice serve patients through the lockdown and beyond. 

New families joined the practice because they trust their children will receive the best medical care. 

well visits

How We Designed and Implemented Change

FMG worked closely with the managing provider and the office manager. Together we could quickly update digital and social media platforms with pertinent information for current and prospective patients.

Results within 6 Months

5-6 patients per week 


5-6 new patients daily


consistent Marketing

How We Designed and Implemented Change

the ability to amplify a consistent message across social, digital, email and print marketing to attract new patients and keep current patients

Step 5:

Email Marketing 

Step 1:

Monthly Marketing


Step 2:

3 to 5 blog topics monthly

Step 4:

Unique digital content (social media) based on blog topics 

Step 3:

In Office Print Marketing

 Results in less than a year 


Pandemic Hits

2-3 new patients daily


Height of Pandemic 

5-6 new patients daily

Vaccines Available

10 new well-patients daily

start work

5-6 new patients weekly  

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