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$520,000 increase in sales
Using the FMG Process to Turnaround a struggling Landscaping company

A landscaping company in the mid-Atlantic region in business for 28 years contacted Frederick Mountain Group to help turn around the company by increasing sales. The company needed to find the most effective, affordable, and profitable ways to reconnect with existing and past customers, and connect with new customers.

Strategy and implementation to turnaround a failing company


This company had been incredibly successful in their early days. However, after 28 years they were struggling to find a path to profitability and reclaim their former glory. Frederick Mountain Group (FMG) was hired to develop a plan to rapidly get the company back on track and on a path to profitability.

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The Challenges
- Reaching the right potential customers at the right time.
- Supporting the staff with the marketing and sales tools needed to close deals
- Simply stating the value difference between the company apart in a saturated market space.

How We Helped

We divided the project into two distinct phases. In the first phase, we would re-define the company's core audiences and re-establish their brand.  In the second phase, we helped train and develop a new team of sales professionals to close business generated by the FMG marketing efforts.

Phase I

We started by touring the service area around the company's location and looking at past financial and service data. We determined the company's target market was homeowners with high end properties in the $700,000+ range. Through further research, we discovered that homeowners in that real estate category in that area are older (40+ ), and are either retired or are commuting to the major markets.


The website had not been updated for over 10 years. We rebuilt the website with easy to navigate mobile and desktop pages. We added keyword rich content. We added a blog feature, searchable images, and created lead capture features throughout the website.

Organic Social Media


We created a business specific Facebook and Instagram account that was connected to the website. We created customized, 30-day organic social media calendars that balanced general company info, booking info, blog topics, and area specific topics . We used relevant hashtags and engaged with the users liking and commenting on posts. All social content calendars were submitted to the GM for approval 15 days before they each went live.

Email Marketing

We used MailChimp to manage email messaging and email lists. We built curated emails with the new brand. All emails were rich with lead forms and linked directly to customized landing pages on the website. We used email to keep current customers up to date on upcoming and seasonal services. We updated the email list with current information from the customer relationship management software as new leads were generated.

Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads

We used search engine marketing and social media marketing to find new potential clients. We used Facebook Business Manager to manage ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and Google Ads for search engine marketing.


We used the blog feature to write educational articles that could also serve as landing pages for digital ads. Topics ranged from snow removal, to dormant tree pruning, to ROI from a landscape install/remodel. This provided the website with fresh, relevant content every 30 days which helps with improved Search Engine Optimization.



"This has been a long two years with a lot of hard work. Frederick Mountain Group was one of the key reasons we were able to make this growth plan a reality. As GM, I relied heavily on FMG for their guidance in our marketing and sales. They helped design outside sales materials, helped build our cold calling process and scripts, and so much more. At times, especially in the beginning, we met multiple times a week to review analytics and brainstorm ideas of tapping into a saturated market. We were able work as a team to push ahead in that market to achieve our goals."

- General Manager

Phase II

After rebuilding the website and developing social media profiles and a Google My Business profile, it was time to leverage the new assets to attract new clients.

We helped the sales team with customized pitches and presentations for in-person meetings once the leads started coming in from the digital advertising.

- Sales Process Development with Management


- Training Sales Team


- Cold Call Script Development


- Sales Calls Coaching

360 Marketing

Brand Development

Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Google Ads

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Print Marketing

Website Management


137% increase in sales from 2017 to 2019

By 2019, the GM and owner were pleased to find that our efforts helped to grow the business by 137% in under 24 months.


Within weeks of beginning work together, the company had a significant increase in bookings, engagement numbers were rising on social media, and within three months the company was getting inquiry calls regularly.


Success for this company required continuous monitoring and attention. Some of our campaigns generated results quickly, others needed to be adjusted. At all times, however, we kept the focus on the target audience. As well as reminding the current audience of what made the company unique.