Music Festival
24% event Sales Growth in one Year
Growing An annual community festival with Digital Ads

Event promoters reached out for requests for proposals via Upwork. They were looking to grow attendance, ticket sales, and food and beverage sales for their annual events. Revenues in these categories had been declining steadily for three years.

leveraging Digital Ads to Grow a festival


The event promoters had been hosting an annual summer event for several years, but ticket sales and event revenue had been steadily declining. The promoters were looking for help growing attendance. Marketing dollars were focused primarily on print advertising (newspaper and flyers), some organic social media posting, and some social media ad spend.

Summer Festival
The Challenges
- Event Attendance declining
- Website pages not optimized for sales conversions
- Limited organic social media postings and presence
- Un-targeted social media ads
- Heavy print media marketing (flyers, newspapers, and magazines)

How We Helped


The website was built on Wordpress and the payment processing was run on Square. When visitors went to the website and wanted to purchase a ticket, they were rerouted to another url and could not navigate back for event details. With the limited time frame, we decided to make Square the primary landing page for the event. We moved important content and appealing information directly to the Square/Weebly site.

Organic Social Media


We created rolling, 30-day organic social media calendars for Facebook and Instagram in We better utilized hashtags and began engaging the promoters, partners, and presenters.

Email Marketing

We created a MailChimp account to create branded emails with links directly to the revised website landing pages.

We imported the email information for all the customers from past events. We sent emails monthly to promote the event and highlight products and performers. We also created copies of emails that channeled partners like the local Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor's Bureau so they could distribute the information to their email lists as well.

Facebook Business Manager

We gained access to their Facebook Page and Instagram account. We then moved all advertising into Facebook Business Manager and installed a Facebook pixel on their website. We created and tested several different audiences and target areas until we found a winning combination of locations and interest targets. We created, edited, and updated ads on a daily basis to ensure ticket sales continued and increased. We highlighted different elements of the events that would appeal to these different audiences to maximize  conversion and ticket sales across the largest possible audience.

Regular Updates

We monitored ads and conversion activities daily, and were in regular video conference and email communications with the team to ensure we had their approval moving forward with content creation and messaging, making adjustments where necessary.   




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360 Marketing

Brand Development

Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Google Ads

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Print Marketing

Website Management

Frederick Mountain Group started promoting in May. As the graph indicates, we were able to drive pre-sales significantly compared to the previous year.

Five days before the first event (at the end of August), we had already outsold prior years, before in-event purchases were calculated.

The second event was held in September and was the first time the promoters opened pre-sales for the second event.

The September numbers are slightly skewed because most ticket sales happened during the events in the past.  This year, there was a significant increase in

in-event sales due to the increased number of attendees.