We hired Frederick Mountain Group to help turn around a 25-year landscaping company with marketing and sales support. The team worked with us to clearly identify our target audience. They built a marketing plan that was focused on that core audience of homeowners. With so much on the line, we were nervous and wanted to see results day one. Jenn and her team helped us understand the path we were on and what it would take. The leads started coming in slowly, but we built momentum and now we are getting several leads weekly from their efforts. We are so grateful for the support they continue to provide. Rebuilding our website, organizing our social media, google adwords, email newsletter and more. Thank you!

John Paige​

Nurney Landscape

Landscaping Company

Bucks County, PA

The best thing about working with Jennifer and Frederick Mountain Group is that she guides you she does not tell you what to do. I reached out to FMG because I wanted to make sure my business was growing the right way. She helped me get clarity on what kind of business I wanted to create. We worked together to build and refine the systems that I use to run my business and work with my clients. These tools gave me better control of my business and helped me grow without running myself ragged.  Through our work together, I was able to grow my company more profitably and without the stress and the headache. I recently called Jenn about a year after our work concluded. She picked up the phone helped me clarify the facts around a situation. Rather than telling me what to do, she asked questions that helped me identify the right solution for me.

Emerald-Jane Hunter

MyWHY Agency

Communications and Marketing Firm

Chicago, IL

I chose Frederick Mountain Group because I have known Jenn for many years & knew she has had much success in the professional & business world.


After an initial consultation, she sold me on the idea that my pet care service business had much more potential than I was tapping into & that she had some tried & tested solutions she believed would work for me!  I hoped to make a greater profit and to put in less hours personally, to make the business more successful. 

I was extremely pleased with the results! After 1 month of working with Frederick Mountain Group, we were much closer to our goal - we even paid for Jenn's services through her expertise. Over the past 9 months, we have reached our goal!

I would highly recommend Frederick Mountain Group to other business owners, especially small start-ups who need some initial direction. I am still using the techniques & spreadsheets that Jenn set up for my business daily. They have drastically improved our daily/weekly/monthly predictions & estimates for the business.



Ali Wheeler

Chasing Tails

Pet Care Company

Jackson, WY

I chose to work with Frederick Mtn Group when I decided to expand my business.  I have good business intuition and skills, but I knew FMG would be able to give me expertise in the areas of projections, budgeting, sales strategies, and marketing strategies.  I needed a company that was well versed in business planning, non-profit experience, and up on the latest trends of entrepreneurship.  With the help of FMG we have made clear and organized goals and I have had the support to go after them.  The knowledge and personal care from FMG should be used as a catalyst to help any business organize, fix weaknesses, and set goals and timelines in order to pursue dreams.


Amy Ringholz

Ringholz Gallery

From Wholesale to Retail - One Artist's Journey

Jackson, WY

I hired Frederick Mountain Group to help bring more patients into my practice. Jenn Ford is the "webmaster," i.e. anything on the Google radar screen is from her efforts. For years ( i.e. most of my life in practice until about 7 months ago) I had a different person. In the short time we have been affiliated with the FMG ( Frederick Mountain Group) we have been able to tweak the group that finds us to include the services we are trying to promote to increase the bottom line. Even though she is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she feels close by because we can usually reach her on the same day, within hours if not sooner. We strategize regularly and I have been happy to see more than 50% now of my income is from cosmetic patients who found us through Facebook and Google Adwords. In short, SHE Is A ROCK STAR.


Dr. Beverly Johnson

Private Dermatology Practice

Silver Spring, MD

Jennifer was a fantastic consultant for, and then leader of ART on 5th Gallery. She assessed all aspects of the business, from work culture, sales, operations, event planning, and retail infrastructure, and created a plan of development for improving all aspects of the gallery. Her recommendations were incredibly astute, and she helped the gallery grow in very clear and quantifiable ways. She hired excellent people, put on successful events, and re-structured staff duties in ways that both challenged and supported us.

Former Manager

Art on 5th

Art Gallery

Austin, TX

Frederick Mountain Group helped me organize, focus, and see the bigger picture that is my business. Jenn always managed to stay on top of the current happenings, while preparing and motivating for future steps. The enthusiasm and support I received from Frederick Mountain Group was invaluable and something I continue to refer back to as I move my business forward. I would not hesitate to consult with them again.


Freelance Typography Company

Austin, TX

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